Bringing Ohio’s Voice to D.C.

Beth Knorr, Market Manager & Local Food Programs Coordinator

I was recently appointed to the USDA’s Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee.  This committee of industry professionals is assembled a couple of times each year to provide recommendations to Secretary Vilsack on the various programs and services the Department of Agriculture provides to this industry.  I am very honored to have received this appointment, and – being the only one from Ohio to serve on the committee – look forward to bringing Ohio’s voice to Washington, D.C.

When my resume was requested back in August, I was told that they were seeking someone who could represent small scale Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmers and farmers’ market vendors- and indeed over the past 12 years I have been a CSA farmer, a farmers’ market vendor, and now a farmers’ market manager. I am sure these experiences will serve me well over the next two years in this new role.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what this committee should address, and hope you will share your ideas in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Bringing Ohio’s Voice to D.C.

  1. Firstly, congrats to Beth for her appointment. Her experience speaks for itself as far as where she comes from and who she represents. Keeping that in mind I know that she will be in the corner of the small producer/marketers when it comes time to debate the merits or flaws of food safety rules now under consideration. The concerns of people like myself are that the rules will become too onerous or costly in terms of time and money for us to maintain profitable margins and still be able to market our products to the public.
    Thank You,
    Dave Benchoff

  2. Congratulations Beth! I know you will be an excellent representative!

    On a very basic level I’m concerned most about our food safety, accessibility, and conservation of biodiversity.

    Thank you,

  3. there are three must contacts in the Wayne County area: Roger & Dave Maurer (Maurer Fruit Farm), Fred Finney (Moreland Fruit Farm), and Raymond Yoder (Amish). let me know if you want more information.. Tom 🙂

  4. I am hearing more and more about xenoestrogen flooding the earth via plastics, cleaning fluids, pesticides on fruit and vegetables, and in animal feeds and who knows where else.
    The obvious cleansing approach is organics but the government has to get that info in front of people and stop so many established traditions in order to do it!
    I think more and more money should be fed into research and development of PREVENTATIVE approaches like alternative medicines and organics, rather than so much funding for drug companies and research of medical issues at the end of the problems…
    Congratulations on your appointment and thank you for your efforts.

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