Vote 4 Local Food – Katie Myers-Griffith

  As we gear up for election day, our media outlets will be focusing on the good, the bad, and the ugly attributes of the political hopefuls.  I am sure this year, will be no different from the others, with smear campaigns, deceitful tactics, and shenanigans – all in an attempt to voice YOUR opinion in Washington or Columbus.

   Well, I, have a campaign to launch myself;  “The Vote 4 Local Food” campaign.   Unlike the campaigns that have plagued our papers, internet and television, this campaign is positive.  No lies, no shenanigans.  Just some good ole suggestions for comfort and humanity!

L- Leek and potato soup for dinner on Nov.2 as you watch the polls close.

O- Offer a helping hand or an extra buck to community-based food organization

C- Countryside Farmers’ Market will be open the Saturday before Election Day, Oct.30, 2010

A- Applesauce is easy to make and can for a year-long supply.

L- Lists; start working on your holiday lists; prepare for dinners and gift-giving at the Countryside Winter Markets

  Shopping local actually benefits the community as well.  The politicians like to tell us that they are going to solve our healthcare, economic, and job-loss issues.  Well guess what, you can kill three birds with one stone when you shop at a farmers’ market, join a CSA, or start your own farm business.  Local foods aren’t all nutritious, but they are MORE nutritious than highly processed fast food – this will reduce your healthcare costs.  Shopping at the Farmers’ Market or joining a CSA – keeps dollars here in your community, and it keeps a farmer in work!

So my plead to you this election season…Vote 4 Local Food


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