Farm Waste ; A Wasted Resource – Katie Myers-Griffith

In 2008, Countryside Conservancy in collaboration with the
Wayne Economic Development Council and the Center for Farmland Policy
Innovation launched the M.A.N.U.R.E. (Manure Agreements, Nutrient Utilization,
and the Rural Economy) project to assist landowner/farmers in Baughman
Township, Ohio in proper utilization of their farm waste.  That particular township, located in Wayne
County is a small township full of dairy farms and hay fields.   As project manager, I imagined the dairy
farmers in Baughman Township to be very excited about this project.

However, as it turned out, smaller scale
produce growers were more excited at the opportunity to get their hands on some
of that manure!  This was an interesting project and has led to a new and upcoming program ManureLinkManureLink will operate much like Countryside’s FarmLink, but instead
of matching retiring farmers to beginning farmers, we will be matching manure
producers (like dairy farmers) to manure consumers (like weekend warrior gardeners).  The new program will be in collaboration with the Ohio State University.  Stay tuned for the launch!

If you are in need of composted manure contact me for some informal connections.

In other waste news:

  • Buehler’s Fresh Foods is selling its bagged
    compost.  In 2009, the grocery chain
    began diverting their food waste to Paradise Compost Facility.  You can now purchase the completed
    product.  Thanks, Buehler’s for
    initiating a sustainable food waste model!
  • Along with the Countryside Farmers’ Market, the
    Seattle Mariners are striving to be a Zero Waste by setting up stations for
    recycling and composting at the ball park.
  • According to Biocycle Magazine Ohio Wal-Mart
    stores have agreed to divert food waste from the stores to composting facility
    Marvin Organics in Lebanon, Ohio

What have you done recently with farm waste, garden waste, or kitchen waste?


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