Exert Your Power – LOCALLY!

By: Allison Preiss (Guest Blogger) & farmer,

The Orchard at Apolloson Acres

Consumers are a powerful bunch. They have the capability to dictate a market, and as most of us are a consumer of food in one way or another, we should be conscious of how we dictate our food market – specifically, our precious local food!

Whether one realizes it or not, when shopping at local farmers markets and from local farms, we are paving the path for a future in farming.  I could get complicated on you and talk about all the different ‘definitions’ farming falls under – industrial, conventional, organic, local…… but, that gets messy. Let’s just consider, for a moment, how much it means for so many, when we purchase from local farmers.

The immediate reward to the consumer is the bountiful food basket they take home to their family; fresh & locally grown produce, pasture raised meats, local cheeses…the list goes on and on. The consumer can take comfort in knowing they are supporting local business which in turn helps out the local economy and of course, they are supplying their family with wonderful, nourishing food.

But the consumer shopping locally for their food is so much more than that. The consumer shopping locally is paving the way for demand; demand for local food from local farms. Sure it is nice to purchase asparagus in the dead of winter from the grocery storem, but is it so much sweeter [literally!] to purchase it locally, in season, from your local farmer. This is what many more consumers are starting to realize. With a demand for local, in season products, a demand for more local farmers presents itself! And how can that be a bad thing?

Stand up for your right to wonderful food! Shop locally, in season and help pave the road for more farmers of the future! You will certainly be rewarded for the efforts, as the abundance of wonderful food that will become available to you will become something you will wonder how you ever lived without!


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