This Week’s News from Countryside Initiative Farms

Brunty Farms

Fresh, pasture raised turkeys are available for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Click HERE to place your order! The farm fridge and freezers are open from 7a-8p Mon-Sat.

Canal Corners Farm & Market
7243 Canal Road, Valley View, Ohio 44125

November 3rd join us for our Barn Dance!
And don’t forget Fridays & Saturdays now through October we have our Lantern Tours! For more information visit

Goatfeathers Point Farm
Did you see “running with the goats” this week! We took advantage of the road closing and moved the goats down the middle of Akron Peninsula Rd. from Northampton to the Upper Buck field across from Maplewood picnic area. All of the goats cooperated, so we had a quick move. Thank you, girls and kids! Call 330-657-2726 for pork and turkey reserves.

Greenfield Berry Farm

Find out more about our Pick-Your-Own berry farm

and our CSA by calling 330-657-2924

Trapp Family Farm
The farmstand is open on a non-rainy, honor-system basis.  Emily or I will still be running the stand on Thursday evenings (4pm until dark) if you prefer to stop and chat with us and others.  If another time works better, call our landline (330.657.2844) and wait for the message to see if we’re open or just stop over.


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