Family Traditions – Katie Myers-Griffith

I am not sure when, how, and why certain activities become traditions, but what I am sure of is the fact that our family traditions are something that I look forward to every holiday season.  My sister and I were sitting at the table trying to think of some of our family’s traditions, and my brother-in-law reminded me that our family has so many traditions…

Since Thanksgiving Day is still fresh in my mind, I will begin there.  Early in the morning, the ladies rise to make sure the turkey is ready to go in the oven.  tableSimultaneously, the men and boys are rising and preparing to hunt.  Rabbit hunting, every Thanksgiving morning.  The funny thing is, for quite a few years, the boys were coming back home empty-handed.  We ladies started to wonder what is actually happening at these rabbit hunts – that happen to take place on the best Greek baker’s farm in Spencer, Ohio?  After talking to said baker, we discovered the truth to these hunting trips.

Yes, the hunters arrive early (dressed in orange game vests and camo) to look for rabbits, but after about an hour…they all head back to the homestead for fresh (and requested) pie!  Oh yes, this baker actually calls them ahead of time to make sure that she is baking the right kind of pies;  Apple, Cheery, Pumpkin, Peach and even the occasional Rhubarb!  As the years have passed, and now that the secret is out, ALL of the men in the family, hunters and non-hunters, go rabbit hunting Thanksgiving morning!

jj rabbits

This year, the young hunters did come home with rabbits – to be smoked for Christmas dinner!

Another tradition at our house is simple, but fun!  Personalized name cards.  Creating these name cards has always been the job of the youngest, but capable girl in the family.  This year, my 18 year old niece was passing the job and tradition down to her 6 year old cousin!  In addition to the name cards, we have drinking glasses (12 of them) depicting the 12 Days of Christmas, and we must designate a glass to a person.  Hours of laughter fill the desicion- making process.  Who will be the lords a-leaping? One last, but very delicious tradition that we enjoy…raising our own Thanksgiving bird and other dishes at the table.   I look forward to carrying down traditions and making new ones.

What are some of your family traditions?

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