Be part of the Countryside Local Food MOVment! – Katie Myers-Griffith

Here at Countryside we are all about the food; locally grown, homemade, delicious and nutritious!  Did you know that when you shop at Countryside Farmers’ Markets your food originated within 100 miles of Cuyahoga Valley National Park?  This spring, you will have the opportunity to physically join the Countryside Local Food MOVment! We have partnered with a Brecksville based company, MOVable– the creator of a fun, wrist worn movement tracker. It uses the latest technology to convert all of your movements to miles! We want to challenge you to travel 100 miles in 4 weeks – travel your local “food print”!  We will kick off our Local Food MOVment at the opening day celebration of the Howe Meadow Countryside Farmers’ Market on May 11, 2013.  How can you be part of this MOVment?

  • Sign Up – we will be registering participants at the final Winter Market (at Old Trail School) on April 27, 2013.  For a $35 registration fee, we will get you signed up, give you your personal MOVband, set up your personal on-line tracking page, and set up a fundraising page.  You will also be able to sign up at the market on May 11 and anytime between April 27 and May 11 from home (we will post a registration link).
  • Join Our Group – we will give you our group code.
  • Get Sponsors – we are asking you to raise $100 (proceeds to benefit the work of Countryside)…that’s $1 per mile


    My MOVband… don’t worry, they come in 25+ colors!

  • Start MOVing – we don’t care where you move…you can walk your dog, run a 5k, go dancing, or farm…all that movement adds up to miles moved.  We will begin tracking your movement for our “group” on May 11, 2013.  We will be offering 3 ranger-led hikes from the farmers’ market on May 11, 18, & 25 for those who want to enjoy Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
  • Virtually Visit Farms – we will send you engaging and informative emails highlighting farms that you would have passed, had you actually started moving from Howe Meadow Countryside Farmers’ Market.  So, if you went 50 miles during the first week, “as the crow flies” you would have seen most of our vendors on their farms!
  • Win Prizes – we will reward you as you reach certain benchmarks…25 miles, 50 miles, 75 miles, and 100 miles.  We will also enter your name into a raffle when you reach each benchmark.  We will have a finish line ceremony at the June 8 Farmers’ Market where we will honor the participant who moved the most miles, reached 100 miles first, the youngest participant, the oldest participant, and the participant who raised the most money!

We are so excited to see people eating locally and exercising.  My fellow countrysidechix and I are anxious to get moving and get sponsors too!  If you need more information, please email me and be on the lookout for more information!  Let’s all be part of the Countryside Local Food MOVment!


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