Local Food Fest ~ A Homegrown Gathering in Peninsula

2012 07 07_6993_edited-1Sunday, August 4th 2013, join us as we celebrate the 1st annual Local Food Fest – A Homegrown Gathering in Peninsula, Ohio. The Cuyahoga River Valley has a rich history of agriculture, and small farms have been providing nearby communities with food for over a century; this is still true today.

On Sunday you will have an opportunity to taste and explore the Local Food Community in the charming village of Peninsula with a full day of events planned around local food and farms.

The day’s schedule is below and we hope that  you join us for a true Homegrown Gathering in Peninsula!


  • Heritage Farms  Farm History Day
    6050 Riverview Road
    9 am – 5 pm $5 per person admission
    Antique tractors, Women on the Farm display, farm tool display, and talks throughout the day on Heritage Farms’ past, present and future.
    Daylily End of Season sale.
  • Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ranger Rebecca Jones-Macko, Presents a History of Farming in Cuyahoga Valley
    4:30 – 5 pm at G.A.R. Hall as part of the Home Grown Evening Event


Get to know your local farmers! Five Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Initiative Farms will offer 3/30 minute tours of their farms at 11am, 12pm and 1pm. Choose which farms you’d like to tour. The fee is $5.00 per person/per farm and you pay at the farms. Tour Cards can be found HERE. Have the farmers and local merchants sign your card for a chance to win a fantastic gift basket! For tour information contact Tracy at Countryside 330-657-2542 x223

Trapp Family Farm
1019 W. Streetsboro RD
Peninsula, OH 44264
Parking at old Players Barn (please stay away from barn & road for safety)
Neitenbach Farm
3077 Akron Peninsula RD
Akron, OH 44313
Look for parking sign
Goatfeathers Point Farm
4570 Akron Peninsula RD
Peninsula, OH 44264
Please park only in designated areas
The Spicy Lamb Farm
6560 Akron Peninsula RD (only accessible from Boston Mills RD)
Peninsula, OH 44264
Parking along east side of road in front of farm
Greenfield Berry Farm
2485 Major RD
Peninsula, OH 44264
Parking in field to the right of the driveway

11 am – 4 pm
Canning Demonstrations by Beth Knorr, Countryside Conservancy
11am & 1pm
On the Green at Bronson Church
Route 303 in Peninsula
Event Parking at G.A.R. Hall

Visit these area businesses and celebrate locally grown, locally crafted, locally brewed and locally enjoyed products; samplings, tastings & have your tour card signed.

Yellow Creek Trading Co.
1685 Main Street
Kool Things will be selling tasty frozen treats on their porch & samplings of local items

Trail Mix Peninsula
1600 West Mill Street
Featuring local food items sold in the store with samplings/tastings on our patio. Tina Bergman performing 1-3 pm on the patio

Le Seraglio  
1593 Main Street
Complimentary baklava to shoppers

Elements Gallery
1619 West Mill Street
Offering fine porcelain & stoneware tableware; wooden utensils; local honey

Szalay’s Farm Market
4563 Riverview Road
Locally grown corn; Produce; Roasted sweet corn; Fresh squeezed lemonade; Sundaes

Brandywine Country Club  
5555 Akron Peninsula Road
Main Clubhouse featuring Great Lakes Brewing Co. brews
Main golf course open 6 am – 9 pm.  Par 3 open 9 am – 9 pm

Winking Lizard Tavern
1615 Main St.
Hoppin Frog’s Turbo Shandy.in the Cellar   1 – 7 pm

 Skip’s Peninsula Junction
1639 Mill Street
Open Air Market featuring local food and craft vendors

Fishers Café & Pub
1607 Main Street
Serving Ohio Grass Fed Beef Burgers & Thirsty Dog beer



We are honored to have Chef Ben Bebenroth of Spice Kitchen & Bar prepare a dish for as he discusses the importance of using locally grown ingredients. Patrons will have the opportunity to enjoy this dish as Ben demonstrates its preparation.

 This  will be preceded by a wine and craft beer tasting paired with artisan cheeses and other locally produced appetizers while Park Ranger Rebecca Jones Macko speaks on the history of farming in the Cuyahoga Valley.  Cash Bar also available.

Tickets are $30 which includes 3 tastings and one pour of locally bottled wines or local craft beers, appetizers, farm history presentation,  cooking demonstration and the prepared dish from Ben Bebenroth.

 Doors open at 4pm at the Historic G.A.R. Hall at the corner of RT 303 and Riverview Road.(1785 Main Street for GPS users). 

Limited number of seats,  Reservations can be made on line at www.peninsulahistory.org or by calling 330-657-2528

4:00 – 4:30   Wine & Craft Beer with appetizer pairings
4:30 – 5:00  Rebecca Jones,  History of Farms at G.A.R. Hall
5:00 – 5:45  Ben Bebenroth of Spice Kitchen & Bar
7:00 Doors close at the G.A.R. Hall



What’s New on the Countryside Initiative Farms this Spring


Basket of Life Farm
In case you haven’t heard, Basket of Life has a new website this year. Click here to learn more about their farm and CSA program. You will also find great farm photos and recipes there too.
To keep up with the daily happenings at their farm, be sure to LIKE their Facebook page too.

Brunty Farm
Brunty Farm will be at the Countryside Farmers Market of course, but if you miss your chance to shop on Saturday, don’t forget thier Farm Store is open daily until 8 PM and Sundays until 6.
Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BruntyFarms
Or visit their webpage: http://www.bruntyfarms.com/Brunty_Farms/Home.html

Canal Corners
Rumor has it they have asparagus available! Give them a call 216-624-3916 or visit their Facebool page https://www.facebook.com/CanalCorners?ref=ts&fref=ts  And, returning again this year, the Lantern Theatre Group!

Goatfeathers Point Farm wishes everyone a Happy Spring!
The goats are out a bit each day on pasture and the goat kids will be coming by the end of May! The Bourbon Red and Blue Slate heritage turkeys have moved to their intermediate brooder in the barn. They are gaining in size and will be on pasture soon. Our latest experiment for predation control, a pair of Guinea fowl are patrolling the chicken yard. They are loud and make a lot of wild jungle noise! Feeder calves will be at the Riverview Barn with the bucks. Stop by the farm for eggs (porch fridge honor system) or call 330-657-2726 to pick up a beef bundle.

Greenfield Berry Farm
Check out this really wonderful New York Times  write up about Jonathon Sawyer that includes a great piece on Greenfield Berry Farm! http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/08/dining/replanting-the-rust-belt.html?pagewanted=all
Visit Greenfield at the Countryside Farmers’ Market or call to plan your PYO visit to the farm or get CSA information! 330-657-2924. LIKE them on Facebook too https://www.facebook.com/pages/Greenfield-Berry-Farm/165503750751?fref=ts

Halko’s Spring Hill Farm
Alan will be returning to the Countryside Farmers’ Market this year with his impeccably perfect produce! He is also adding to his CSA so swing by his booth at the market or give him a call for more information. 330-523-0590

Neitenbach Farm
Do you love herbs? Do you want to learn more about the relationship between our bodies and the foods we eat? Pamela and AJ  Neitenbach  offer a truly unique approach to farming and CSA programs. Visit them at the Farmers’ Markets and check out their Face book page.

Sarah’s Vineyard
The annual Summer Solctice Festival is just around the corner! Check out the region’s best wine festival!
Thinking a glass of wine and gorgeous view would go good right about now? How about a homemade wood fired pizza? Check them out: 330-929-8057

The Spicy Lamb Farm
There is always something to do at the Spicy Lamb! Check out their events here: http://www.thespicylamb.com/ and LIKE them on Facebook for daily farm happenings, regional news on sheep grazing and agriculture, as well as fun musings and photos! https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Spicy-Lamb-Farm/173366318367

The Trapp Family Farm
Out of the gate running, the Trapp farm is really coming along! Stop by their farm for fresh eggs and pick up some information about their Food Guild memberships! 1019 W. Streetsboro Rd. (Rt 303) in Peninsula. The Trapp farm also had a mention in the NY Time’s  Jonathon Sawyer  article: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/08/dining/replanting-the-rust-belt.html?pagewanted=all

This Week in the Countryside

Winter may be on its way, but our Countryside Initiative Farms have plenty going on!

Here are a few current highlights passed along to us, along with links to all the Initiative farms here in Cuyahoga Valley National Park:

Goatfeathers Point Farm
Happy post-Thanksgiving! Thank you, to all of our Thanksgiving customers! It was great seeing you again! Hope you saw us on channel five before the holiday. Some great shots with Leon Bibb with the turkeys. Here is the link if you missed the airing:  http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/my_ohio/Talking-turkey-with-Summit-County-turkey-farmer-days-before-Thanksgiving.

One Large Black/Red Wattle heritage pig share available for mid-December. Cubed and ground freezer goat meat on special holiday pricing. Select freezer pork cuts available and turkey for herd share participants. Call 330-657-2726 for more information and availability. And fellow goat farmers – very fine breed bucks are ready for this season. Schedule a visit to see the beasts!photo (8)

Canal Corners Farm & Market

Canal Corners and The Lantern Theatre have a very special holiday event going on this year! They will present a barn reading of Dicken’s Christmas Carol! Click here to learn more!

Halko’s Spring Hill Farm

Alan Halko invites you to stop by his booth at Saturday’s Countryside Farmers’ Market at Old Trail School. He’ll be there with plenty of lettuce and specialty Asian Greens like Baby Bok Choy!

Connect with these Countryside Initiative Farms to see what they have available and to learn about their events, farm-stands and CSAs!

Basket of Life

Brunty Farms

Greenfield Berry Farm


Sarah’s Vineyard

The Spicy Lamb Farm

The Trapp Family Farm    330-657-2844 

Kossuth Farm ~ 

What’s a Park For? Agriculture? In America? Really? — Darwin Kelsey

What’s a park for?  That’s an old question, newly explored by historian and environmental writer Mark Dowie in GUERNICA magazine (1/10/12) because of the controversy over allowing the cultivation of oysters inside Point Reyes National Seashore, north of San Francisco.

What is a park?  Think Yellowstone.  Think Central Park, in New York City.  Or the little park in your neighborhood – with the swings, picnic tables, and ball field your family uses so often.  Parks are human creations, intended to serve many purposes:  Sports, protecting plants, or wildlife, preserving a historical house….

In most of the world, especially in Europe, traditional food and farming are widely regarded as distinctive and defining features of any region’s history and culture.  It’s considered normal, desirable – even necessary – to protect traditional farms and farming in local, regional, and national parks.  Ten percent of the English landscape falls within the boundaries of a national park – and 90% of that is in agriculture.  Italy’s twenty-four national parks, encompassing over 7,000,000 acres, contain tens of thousands of small farms.

Not so in America.  We tend to think of parks as being for recreation or a different sort of protection.  Most of us haven’t yet equated farming with recreation…and most of us know of parks created to protect “valued” resources from agriculture.  The good news is that is beginning to change:  Food, as well as where and how it is grown, is slowly becoming associated with personal, community, and environmental health – not to mention economic health.

Parks and agriculture may be getting a fresh look in other ways as well.  A group of scientists, conservationists, and park managers will gather in Arizona this Spring to discuss the kinds of “ecosystem services” (pollination, genetic material, flood control, water filtration) parks and protected areas can contribute to the agricultural landscapes surrounding them.

As for us, here at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, in the months and years ahead we’ll be trying to get you used to the idea that CVNP  is the place to go to see (enjoy, volunteer at) some really interesting farms, the place to see real gardens you could R&D (rip off & duplicate) in suburbs (for pleasure and/or profit), and the place to learn how to cook that stuff coming out of your new gardens.  So, stay tuned for the next few years.  Really.